The Kennel Club Boutique Hotel for Dogs
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  • Bath: A warm tub enhanced by aloe conditioner and vitamin E. $45 and up. An invitation to cuddle on the couch with your owner later on. Priceless.


  • Bath & Haircut: The full-tilt-boogie of doggie grooming. Our haircuts are meticulous, our shampoo is made from real plums. $65 and up.


  • Pedi-Pedi: For the four legged among us. Not just for show anymore. Keeping nails clipped and clean is more comfortable on a dog's paws.


  • Gift certificates Available

Grooming Tip!

Make that haircut last longer by bringing your pet in for a "Bath and Tidy" for $40*

    A “bath and tidy” includes a bath in the finest natural shampoos and conditioners followed by a fluff dry and a thorough brush and comb out. At this time, we also trim the bangs, trim the feet, private parts and the toe nails. Your expensive haircut should last at least another 2-3 more weeks!

    We also clean the ears and alert you to any problems we may find such as fleas or ticks etc. We also check the teeth for tartar and recommend a trip to the veterinarian when necessary (not a substitute for a veterinary exam). Anal glands are expressed free of charge when absolutely necessary and upon request.

    * Price is based on a medium sized dog who has a haircut every 4-6 weeks. Obviously, larger hairier dogs will cost more. Please ask for a free individual quote.